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Aeria Games clearly doesn't care about SMT: Imagine anymore so it been relocated to the home of Shin Megami Tensei Series, Atlus Online. This page will tell you what to expect

The website stands on it's own with a complete layout of Imagine. You wouldn't have to care so much about Japan MegaTen page as this is a good stand from Atlus.

The installation is a low weighing 10mb downloadable. If you already have the client from Aeria Games, the installation will just replace the starter up file.

The client launcher looks alot better without the Aeria Games crap displayed around it, making it alot more professional to launch Imagine as you run it this time around and from there, you'll be able to run the game.

A few Aeria Games players had a few problems migarating to Atlus Online however I had no problems, but their alot of time solving those issues before migration ends.

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