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Maybe if Cave mends these features, then maybe such a list wouldn't exist.

1) The Motorcycle

Everyone knows that they want to see their avatars ride the motorcycle. I'm talking about handling the motorcycle. Look at the picture, this is what it looks like when you have this and you'll have to cough up loads of money just to do this.

You even have a first person view with no sight of handle bars or anything like that. It's just a gimmick!

2) The Story
The story is set between Megaten 2 and 3. This information is just to keep current players engaged however it doesn't mean it direct to any of it. It's just a spin-off and actually has nothing to do with with the story. This MMO is branded with Shin Megami Tensei and it doesn't show.

Many players expected a story but it's been almost 2 years with little or no story updates over the the Chain of the Curse epsiodes that the North America service got as their 'real update'.

3) Atlus Involvement

Of course, everyone knows this, if you didn't, you didn't do your 10 minute homework and you know now. It's ends up on the list because Atlus doesn't seem to give a crap about this title. Not unless it's burning hot and the developers, Cave done a really good job of it. Atlus returns to collect it like they've done all the work. This is clearly evident as Aeria Games relocated everything to E-MMO Publisher... errr Atlus Online.

It's something that really hard to put up with. It may work but it's misleading and continued to mislead many players to this day.

4) Combat

There nothing to deny that developers have the power to re-vamp or create a combat system for any game. Thus being Shin Megami Tensei, the combat is really slow and confusing at first and that's the main concern. All the past games on the consoles were turn based combat.

This one throws you into the field and you'll have to wait 2 seconds (which is a pain when you get to try it) to reload a bullet, charge your sword or magic and there's a whole field of monsters out there. You can't even RUN around as you reload, so you'll be a sitting duck as you charge your weapons.

What's you're excuse Atlus and Cave? Because turn based combat appeared on Consoles, it different for MMOs? That's a BIG jump in transitation for the system and a misleading one too.

I don't mind the game but there features in the game that are a big deal but doesn't delivery, not to say the game is bad but it's easy to eye out that it's just an attempt to get playing or at worst, a very easy way to put money into their pockets as they make this content.

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