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While theres client based programs out there to help you install MMO clients, such as the imfamous Ijji Reactor and with the help of Steam. Aeria Games took it out on their own with the release of Ignite.

Ignite is a program whichs help you connect onto Aeria Games. While you can simply go on Aeria Games and log in, Ignite helps players connect together alot more effectively. Ignite gives you the option to add friends and even send messages to them within the program.

It also gives you easy links to MMOs to the website and what's already installed in your computer, so you wouldn't have to brother redetecting what's already installed in your computer. Also you can simply log in with your current accounts, so no signing up for current players as you play the MMOs or to access other information outside of the MMOs.

Aeria Games has also redesigned their installers to make downloads of their clients much more reliable and to fit with their new theme.

Has Aeria Ignite fuelled your gaming engines?

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