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SMITE meets Mario Kart ? Gods on The Road ?

The game gets a cart mode with funny power-ups,the battlefield of the gods is chaotic enough. Who wants to get in the way when Zeus ducks with Thor or Loki with Ratatoskr, who can do more nonsense in the shortest time?But the developers of HiRez was obviously not yet chaotic enough. What is missing in a god MOBA?. With the Patch 4.6, SMITE gets a new, temporary mode, the "Apollo's Racer Rumble".

At first glance it looks like a rather amusing copy of the classic "Mario Kart" game. Whether it is going to play this way, it remains to be seen. At least the trailer makes you want more and should make many a Moba-tired player to spend some time in SMITE.

Apollo's Racer Rumble is only available for a short time
The mode is only available temporarily in the game.
It is accessible on the PC from 11 April to 9 May .On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it is only two weeks later, but one week earlier ( understand who wants): From April 25 to May 16.

The Patch 4.6 also brings the "usual" goodies into the Moba new skins and voicepacks,the "Amazon Athena" -Skin and the "Winner's Circle Apollo" match the race mode. "Star Wars" fans are likely to look forward to the new "Intergalactic Chang'e" -kin, which is strongly reminiscent of Princess Leya Organa.

There is little to report on balancing changes this time. Hage's magician is reworked and loses part of his life, but gets much more damage in his abilities. He was also a guard (tank) a long time ago but now he has become a full-fledged magician.

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