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Shards of light (RU) Registration/Download Guide+Characters Preview

Hello mmositers today I will show you how to make an account for the New MMORPG "Shards of Light".Beside the Registration guide I will show you how to download the game and a quick look at the game characters.The game has 8 Clasesses,all of them are pretty nice looking,lets start with the Registration Guide :

Registration Guide

1.To make your " Shards of Light Account" first visit http://solgame.ru/user/register?url=http://solgame.ru and enter all neccery informationsand enter all necessary information

2.You don't need to Confirm the Registration via e-mail

Download Guide

1. Download Link : http://solgame.ru/q/0i4a2b9b9843


To Get Your Key,Leave your E-Mail here http://fmmorpg.ru/shards-light-sol-live%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B7%D0%BE%D1%80-%D0%B7%D0%B1%D1%82_6478

Characters Overview

At The moment the game Has 8 classes :










The Magician is one of the strongest Character for the battlefield.A good part of the skills are Fire/Light Aoe.Mages are capable of inflicting enormous damage and wipe out large battle groups.


Defender  is an defansive class which use hammers as weapon. .Their main role is to effectively protect allies, taking on the most dangerous enemy attacks and serve as a bulwark of any army.


The Witch is using Dark Magic skills, a good part of the skill is Cures/negative buffs. Witch easily draws enemies on the battlefield include horrible spells that weaken the spirit and erode the flesh.


Blader is an assasin class(theres rarely a game without tham ). Lovely melee fighter with a powerful arsenal of deadly abilities. Hiding in the shadows, it can instantly be behind the back of the enemy and deal a fatal blow.


The healer is one of the most useful team battleground characters. Healers can easily can easily revive fallen soldiers and comrades heal mortal wounds. Everyone who likes to heal other players will love the Healer in Shards of Light


Speed, decisiveness and vigor are the success of this class on the battlefield. The class is using a giant dual hand axe. The warrior is using heavy armor, and their main job is to protect their alli


High mobility and awesome maneuverability are the success of this class. The Quick and nimble archer moves allow them to be effective on the battlefield and easily avoids the enemy attacks. They can cause enormous damage from afar.


Berserker is the class with the highest HP,they can tank more players at the same time.Every team will be happy to have one of them,beside the heavy armor the class is using a " two-handed sword"

Shards of light Review


Gameplay preview

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