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Lost Ark : Infighter Skills Preview

Today we will take a look at the Infighter class, which is able to control the red and green energy in order to effectively kill the enemy.Infighter  is a melee class that uses two different energies to activate abilities (red and green). This class can use Steel Gloves weapons

All Skills Preview

(Red) you apply a couple of beats before you.

(Red) you strike with a foot in the ground, throwing all the enemies around you.

(Red) you strike in the air.

(Red) you jump up and strike at area.

(red) you create in front of a ball of energy, and then detoniruete it.

green), you make a few bumps in the ground, dealing damage to all enemies around him.

you create a bundle of energy that attracts all the enemies and then detonates. ( green)


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