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Lost Ark : Devil Hunter Skills Preview

Devil Hunter is a range gunner class. It looks like the famous  Devil May Cry character. You can choose between different weapons and different skills, depending on the type of weapon. Hunter uses a pair of pistols, a shotgun, a sniper rifle. You can combine their ability to become a good DD.As a result this class  received the second largest estimate (4.33), more than the Berseker (4,48), so if you decide to start playing Lost Ark ,it will be very convenient and interesting.

Class Features

-The ability to use a variety of weapons: two pistols, a shotgun and a rifle, each of which has its own set of skills.

-Switching weapons can be done during thr battle (by pressing 1, 2 or 3), allowing you to select the optimal combination of skills.

-Each weapon has its own set of skills

-The ability to combine different sets  for greater efficiency.

All Skills


You attack all enemies around him, then jumps and flip opponents.


You make AoE attack on the selected area.


You reduce the distance to the target, throws into the air and produce AoE attack.


You throw a trap that immobilizes the target and then produces a couple of shots.


You make a powerful AoE attack in front of him.


You sit down on one knee and do 3 shots ahead.


Did you get one shotgun and make a couple of shots in front of him.


You are charging the rifle and make a shot straight in front of him, leaving a trail of fire.


You make quite a wide AoE attack in front of him.

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