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How should a good Dialougue System loook like in an MMORPG?

Dialogues play an important role in an MMOPRG, you talk to many NPCs to get quests. There are many different approaches and almost every MMO or RPG offers a different design. However, one thing is certain: the dialogue system must be set up in such a way that it is fun to read the texts and they should be readable.

In some MMOs, the NPCs have more to say, in others less. If the player does not care about the story and you are only on effectiveness, the dialogs usually go away anyway and looks only a very short summary. However, some players attach great importance to a story and thus also to atmospheric dialogues.

How should these be represented? A tried and tested concept is to display a dialogue window, which is nicely decorated, below the conversation partners. So the focus is on the center of the picture and also on the two conversation partners. In the dialog window, the texts should now appear clean and well formatted. A textured desert without paragraphs, blank lines, and other formatting is extremely hard to read, and it is also very difficult to see who has said anything at all. The Selective-Multiplayer-RPG Shroud of the Avatar is here at the moment the error, the dialogs in the chat window of the game to display as large textures. This gives the impression of reading a chat protocol and not being atmospheric with the resident of a fantasy land.

It is important, therefore, that the focus is not taken by the participants, the chat window is beautifully coherent and well-designed presented and that the texts are already tidy and well formatted, so that they can be read pleasantly. It is also important that the dialogues are well-written, because they are supposed to provide some tension.Developers should always pay attention on a good and atmospheric presentation of the dialogues in a MMORPG!

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