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ELOA online : Mage Skills Preview

Hello mmositers,today we will take a look at the ELOA online Mage skills.The mage is an all around class that, if used correctly, can be exceptionally powerful. A well-equipped mage can tackle a wide range of situations; whether it be a difficult lock or a stubborn merchant, magic can be used to overcome it. Although not quite as easy as being a melee fighter, a mage can be far more powerful than any warrior. The different magical schools give mages a lot of versatility: destruction to obliterate foes, conjuration to summon daedric minions, enchanting to ameliorate apparel, illusion to hide themselves or trick others, and restoration to heal their wounds.Mages are those that devote their lives to the study and practice of the Arcane arts. An experienced mage can be a deadly force to reckon with.Take a look at the skills and feel free to share your thoughts

Play Level

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Wand, magic bar, debt

Combat Style

- Pop the flame that leads to destruction 'fire'
- which devastated the opponent on the icy chill of the cold call 'icing'
- 'Nemesis' Fend off the lightning to destroy a large number of opponents


Mage deal with elements outside the Order who radiate clear explosive offense.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Searing fireball 1

Launches a blazing ball of fire that the enemy penetration.

Fire ring 2

Straight on the causes knock back enemies within 5m 5m.

Flames 2

The launch of the blazing fire of 5m width.

Meteor of Destruction 4

Fend off the planetary radius of 3m at the location specified range, my enemy attacks.

Protection of Eva 6

To absorb damage equal to 10% for 10 seconds stamina.
Eva enemies while using protection when hit and increases the critical strike success rate of 5%.
The maximum is nested five times, lasts 5 seconds.

Disaster 8

3m radius within the range of stunning enemies for 2 seconds
will not be knocked out during the movement and behavior.

Mana Conversion 12

8% mana consumption by as much as 16% stamina recovers.

Blazing ago 15

Attack of the entire party, including myself around 6 seconds to increase by 20%.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Frozen mallet 2

4m range will down my enemies for 2 seconds
will not be down during the movement and behavior.

Frost awl 3

Straight on to attack enemies within 7m.

Cold wave 5

Enemies within 8m straight on.
5 seconds and reduces movement speed by 50%.

Frost solidarity 7

The launch mass of cold air penetrating the enemy.

Ice 10

6 seconds to create the ice to defend against enemy attacks
have affected more than 100% absorption and prevent the condition.

Ice can be canceled with the move command being used.

Surrey Storm 13

3 seconds to launch a storm of freezing frost.
ice movement and behavior are not allowed while.

Cold weather 16

Freezing causes 3m radius within the range of the enemy for 3 seconds.

Fargo favorite cold 18

10% mana to destroy the enemy,
to fire the cold lump of restoring his mana by 10%.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Lightning 2

Knocked on the enemies within 5m causes two seconds straight.
You can not be knocked out during the movement and behavior.

Eye of the Storm 5

Launches the spirit of the storm penetrate the enemy.
The storm hit the target after 5 seconds of the explosion energy, inflicting additional damage.

Power surge 7

Launched a power surge through the enemy and to move to the rear 5m.

See thunder 9

Within a radius of 3m range causes thunder Look at the specified location
, dealing damage to enemies up to five times.

Space reduction 11

No action off the state, immediately go to the 8m location.

No state action: knock back, pulling, down, stun, freeze, confusion, bondage

Shinpoong 14

The enemy launched a whirlwind that penetrates down for 2 seconds
will not be down during the movement and behavior.

Waterspout 17

3m 5m radius within the range of the enemy causes knocked down two seconds out.
You can not go and actions during the knockdown.

Gentle breeze 19

1 6 seconds to restore 5% mana per second. You can cancel the movement operation of the breeze in use.


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