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ELOA online : Archer Skills Preview

Hello mmositers,today we will take a look at the ELOA online Archer skillsArcher skills are mostly arrow attacks (that's what they do, after all). But as they advance in skill, they learn to vary their arrows to, trap, stun, and pick off whole batches of choice targets. They also learn to strike with their bow, dealing close-quarters damage while the archer leaps back out of harm's way.Archers also have escape skills to avoid taking damage, and an array of traps that immobilize, poison, or just plain explode their enemies. Enemies often rush ranged fighters. Having traps punishes them for such unimaginative tactics. There’s even a web arrow to catch and immobilize foes who try to escape or run for help.Take a look at the skills and feel free to share your thoughts

Play Level



Artillery, gun, bow

Combat Style

- Install the mines and shells fired up 'bombarded'
- led by the muzzle gyeonueo subject to the death camp 'fire'
- the arrow that flies on the wind hit the target 'gunggyeok'


Palace projection of a high mobility is inflicting a fatal wound to the enemy in the distance with a long range.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Chloride 1

The firing shells exploding in Hit, 2m radius range

Wave 2

Attack enemies within 8m straight on and
up to three times, inflicting additional damage to the explosion.

Elasticity 2

Within the range of 4m and 5m knock back enemies, go back to 3m.

Smoke screen 4

Tert smoke screen for three seconds to turn the specified location.
radius to within 3m range dodge enemy by 20% and
reduces the movement speed by 50%.

Chill blast 6

When you have a specified location within a small radius of 3m range 3 seconds
to fire a bullet to freeze.
Freezing is not possible during the movement and behavior.

The fired shells are held for 10 seconds.

Mine Bomb 8

When you have a specified location radius damaging to 3m range
Launches a bomb mines.

The fired shells are held for 10 seconds.

Lighting 12

Pop my enemy shells at the location specified radius 3m range
up to 5 times, inflicting damage.

Concentration 15

The critical success of the party, including myself around
5 seconds to increase by 25%.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Scatter Shot 2

4m range causes knock back enemies within 5m.

Seize shooting 3

Pop nets bullet 3 seconds causes bondage to my enemy 2m radius range.
This movement during the captivity allowed.

Blind fire 5

The bullet fired five times in a row.
You fire a bullet of a strong power in the last bullet.

You can cancel the move operation by using blind fire.

Shooting heatwave 7

Three bullets to fire in an arc direction. Hit
After 3 seconds, inflicts damage to your enemies explode radius of 2m.

Aimed Shot 10

Fired the bullet that causes the enemy to penetrate down for 2 seconds.
You can not be down during the movement and behavior.

Rampage 13

My enemy and opened fire at the location specified radius 3m range
, inflicting damage up to 6 times.

You can cancel the movement operation of rampage using.

Glare 16

Launches a flare in the specified location.
radius of 3m range causes silence my enemies for 3 seconds.
silence during skill use is not allowed.

Chastisement 18

The stunning bullet fired for 2 seconds.



Skill Name

Learning Levels


Hardships 2

Causes within two seconds down enemy 5m range
will not be down during the movement and behavior.

Explosive Arrows 5

Hit, after 3 seconds to fire an arrow that explodes.
3m after the explosion radius will down the enemies within the range of 2 seconds.
You can not be down during the movement and behavior.

Ice-wedge 7

For 5 seconds Speed Launches ice arrow 50% reduced.

Veil 9

The launch of five arrows in an arc.

Wind's response 11

The wind of response is applied for 3 seconds Evasion
Increases movement speed increased by 100% and 20%
when using the skill, the wind of the response is turned off.

Arrow rain 14

To launch a number of arrows in the specified location.
radius within 3m range, inflicting damage to enemies up to 5 times.

Arrow of Light 17

Launches a bolt of light to penetrate the enemy.
4% of the damage as much as a physical absorption.

Lynx feat 19

: Turn off non-state behavior, and avoid a rear 4m
increases dodge by 25% for 5 seconds. No state action: knock back, pulling, down, stun, freeze, confusion, bondage


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