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Do MMORPGS Need A Story?

Developers often find themselves in a good mood to offer players the best possible quests and an exciting story in MMORPG's. But is this really necessary and is it appreciated?

Many MMORPG players run through the game in order to be as fast as possible and quickly to get the best equipment or to buy and set up their own as quickly as possible. Story is rather incidental. Even in games where quests are in the foreground, many players usually  read what they receive and decide whether to accept the quest or not, even if  the story sounds interesting.

On the one hand, players are not really interested in it, it is very interesting what you experience through your own deeds in the game. Sandbox games are also very popular. In these there is usually no real story and the players are on their own. They can do in the strange world and leave what they want. Build houses, cut raw materials, explore the world or fight monsters and other players. Every player is responsible for his personal history.

Quests in MMORPGs are often repeated or restricted to simple things such as to kill a certain number of monsters. It also plays a role that stories in MMORPGs have no real impact on the game world. If one kills the evil dragon, he returns shortly thereafter, and everything is the same. That's why many players are not even interested in it, they see the quests as a way to get experience points and equipment.

But there is also a handful of players who want to put on a story and a story is important for them. Each of the descriptions of the quest is easy to read.Do MMORPGs need a story and sophisticated quests? No, but it is nice to see this type of quests in MMOS.

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