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Today the company 101XP announced that the Russian version of the MMORPG Bless will be closed. Localization was opened last year, but despite the fact that the game was going on hopefully, they did not materialize in full. They will disable all the payments, and the servers themselves are turned off on 25th may.

The developers plan to send Bless for revision and perhaps we will see it in the future. Players who remain in the project until its closure, will get a lot of fun and interesting events. The company 101XP thank everyone who spent time in their project and helped throughout the indoor and outdoor testing.

The funds that you spend on the game in the period from 17:00 (GMT) 24/03/2017 17:00 (GMT) 24/04/2017, you will be returned to the account from which the payment is made or credited to the balance of the portal 150%. To do this, you must send a request to the technical support of the company. For participants of the open beta, the game in the project for the past month, the developers have prepared Baron sets in the MMORPG Icarus, which PTA will begin soon. Also, the compensation will be awarded to the browser-based MMORPG "League of Angels II".

You got one month left to test the Russian version.Here is the registration+download guide

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