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Bless Online(RU) : VPN+Registration Guide

Hello mmositers,today i will show you how to register and downlaod the highly anticipated  mmorpg Bless online.Bless is a Korean MMORPG developed with the Unreal 3 Engine. Bless is an action MMO with a strong focus on the fight between two factions: the Imperial Hieron in the north and the freedom-loving Union in the South.

Registration Guide

Open the official Website : https://bless.101xp.com/

Click on the registration Link

Enter the e-mail and confirm

Now it's time to check your e-mail inbox

The E-mail includes username+random password

Now click here to download the Game launcher or use this Link :https://xp-scw-bless-web.akamaized.net/launcher101xp_setup_23012017.exe

VPN Guide

Download VPN gate http://playraw.de/dl/vpngate-client.zip

Right Click on VPN Client Adapter=Enable

Now Open VPN gate public and try to find a Russian iP

After this go to the Launcher and Start the Game,Enjoy !


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