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Black Desert Exclusive E3 Q&A Interview

After a short break from Black Desert News today we are checking the Exclusive Black Desert E3 Interview(Black Desert Fansite). For those that don't know Black Desert is a New Korean Sandbox Action mmorpg with stunning Graphics.Sadly there's no Information about an English publish which is the most wanted info at the moment, the Russian publish was confirmed last month.


Q: How will PvP be rebalanced? What are your thoughts on potions?

A: We’re thinking rebalance monsters first, then it depends on the changes we make to each characters’ skills; as that might affect how we approach potions. We’re thinking we will go with our current potion system, but if we feel a change is necessary we will reconsider our stance.
Q: Can you tell us more about the different types of guilds, i.e religion, economy.?

A: This was our very, very first concept of guilds; recently we decided to remove religion guilds. It depends on the characteristics of the guild, they have their own special skills (guild skill trees), during CBT2 we only included the combat related skills, during CBT3 we will include crafting skills.
Q: Will there be diversity to guild quests?

A: We want to diverse our guild quests, so we will be looking into including PvP aspects to our guild quests.
Q: Will you be doing an overhaul on the PvE aspects of the game?

A: Yes, we will be definitely improving the AI of our raid bosses.
Q: What items can we expect in the cash shop if the game goes F2P? Will there be EXP potions?

A: Costumes, consumables (cosmetics, furniture), no there will not be EXP potions we’re very focused on ensuring our game is not P2W. We’re still talking over if we will have a cash shop, while we leaning more F2P, we are considering many other options.
Q: Will you be expanding the map?

A: We’re planning on opening: Media, Valencia, and then you’ll see the continent that has ice/snowy region.
Q: How big of a factor will environment stat penalties be?

A: We want the penalty to be a percentage of the player’s stats, so the player will feel the full effects of the stat penalty.
Q: How will level up stats look like after 50+?

A: We’re still discussing internally, and we have not  decided yet.

Q: Have you thought about including a bounty system?

A: We’re actively thinking about incorporating the system, but there is a lot of possibilities for abusing the system; we’re trying to take subtle approaches to this system.
Q: Will there be PvP hotspots/safe-zones?

A: It can be changed if needed, but for now we’re going to continue with our current setup.
Q: Will the arena be instanced?

A: We have not decided yet.
Q: What game modes will the arena offer?

A: Since we have not decided if it will be instanced, we cannot say; we must decide on our PvP style before we can say. We would really love for other players to be able to watch the occurring battles.
Q: Will the arena offer a gambling system?

A: It would be hard in Korea due to the laws around this, but in other regions we might possibly be able to add a gambling system. If the publisher wanted to add a system like this, yes, we could work on trying to implement something similar to this.
Q: Will PvP give EXP?

A: We can think about that, but for now we will stick with mobs giving EXP. After winning in PvP, the rewards you currently gain are bountiful, adding EXP on top of that would be too much.
Q: Will there be player-to-player relationships?

A: We do not plan to implement player marriages into the game. We definitely plan on adding many social features, such as friendship bonus’s (crafting together.)
Q: How big of an effect does the castle’s taxes system have?

A: Yes, if the taxes are too high we want the player to search for a better bargain elsewhere. The tax scale might be different depending on the publisher, for instance, in Korea it could be 0-20% while in NA it could be 0-50%.
Q: How many castles are there currently?

A: Including Valencia there is three castles; one in Calpheon, Media, Valencia.

Q: Will there be an achievement/title system?

A: We’re thinking about the achievement system positively, but we still need to develop more.
Q: What precautions is PA taking to ensure one playerbase (PvP, PvE) won’t be at a disadvantage?

A: All we can do is listen to the users feedback, and try to integrate the users feedback into our game WISELY.
Q: Will there be character server transfers?

A: We’re taking that into consideration, if the publisher strongly wants it we will include that feature.
Q: Will there be more equipment?

A: We have already made more than 10 costumes per class, additionally in the next test you will see different costumes, i.e fisherman, NPC costumes (depends on your NPC intimacy with them.)
Q: Will you be able to dye your clothing?

A: Yes, in the next closed beta testing you will most likely see this feature.
Q: Will this be an in-game feature (dyes) or will this be a cash shop feature?

A: Fundamentally, it should be in our cash shop. Perhaps we will do a hybrid system, some colors you will have access to in-game, others will be in our cash shop.
Q: Will there be naval combat?

A: We are definitely working on naval combat. We’re creating more islands for the next closed beta testing. We are not completely positive we will be able to show it off during the next testing yet. You can use boats for transportation, trading, and naval combat.
Q: Will swimming be part of the game?

A: We just decided we will be adding it to the game.
Q: Will Tamer be able to “tame” pets?

A: We cannot give you the details about the Tamer class. What we can tell you, is that we have changed the original concept of the Tamer class you saw in the footage we released earlier.

Q: Will there be multiple weapons to use for each class?

A: Unfortunately we will not be including a feature such as that.
Q: Will weapons have skills?

A: Endgame gear could have extra weapon skills.
Q: What languages will the game be translated to?

A: Aside from Russian, Korean, English; it will depend on the what the publisher is looking for.
Q: What do you feel the most unique feature to Black Desert is?

A: Virtual reality. The reason why we developed Black Desert’s graphics more realistically, is to allow for the player to experience a “virtual life.” If we work with the Oculus Rift, we would like to add more depth to the in-game vision.
Q: Will there be supportive skills, or does the linking system cover all support based gameplay?

A: The linking system will not cover all of the supportive systems. The Valkyrie will probably have a lot of supportive skills.
Q: Will the linking system play a role in PvE/PvP mechanics?

A: You can use the linking system to block/interfere with boss skills in raids. There is three principals to the linking system, 1. Super Damage, 2. Interfering/Stun, 3. Buffs. Both #2 and #3 will be active in PvP, during PvE all linking skills will be allowed.
Q: Will all dungeons be open world?

A: Yes, we are trying to make sure all dungeons will be open world. But, if there is a dungeon that’s crucial to the story (cinematics, etc.) we may feel the need to make it instanced.
blackdesert64 2014-05-11 13-43-06-526

Q: How will the housing system work?

A: We’re leaning towards the same housing system we had in CBT2 (instanced based), but we might have a few select houses that are open world.
Q: Can you tell us more about parties?

A: Party experience is divided equally, party members need to be within the same vicinity to receive experience. We currently have three looting options: #1 Random, #2 Orderly, #3 Leader decides. We’re currently discussing more options here, we like WoW’s looting system very much.
Q: What makes Valencia special?

A: Valencia itself is the size of the three regions that are currently available (as of CBT2). The monsters will be larger, stronger, better loot in Valencia. Valencia will be easy to get lost in; there will also be hidden ruins amongst the desert.
Q: How many players can ride the elephant mount?

A: Max three players will be able to ride; one in the front, two in the back. The two players in the back will be able to engage in mounted combat.
Q: Have you added anything new to mounted combat recently?

A: We’re currently adding more skills to mounted combat and trying to make it more sophisticated.
Q: Do you plan on keeping the horse taming quick-time event?

A: We would like to improve the guidance with this event and others. We’re hoping to implement a practice mode for players to train before heading out into the real deal.
Q: Will you be implementing more mini-games?

A: We can’t tell you all the details, but one we’re looking into is horse races.
Q: Will there be recovery skills?

A: You couldn’t see during CBT2 but we actually have a “Stun Resistance” stat we plan to implement later on.
Q: Will there be dynamic open world events?

A: We definitely have plans for them, but it takes a lot of time to develop these events.
Q: Which publishers have you talked to?

A: We’ve talked to all of the major publishers. You will hear from us about this very soon.
Q: When do you expect CBT3 to be released?
A: This Summer is our plan.

Gameplay Video for those that know What's Black Desert

Source :Black Desert Fansite


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