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Beta Date for Black Desert Online(JP) + information about the future content

While the Russian version of Black Desert Online is being translated into Russian, Koreans are preparing for the release of this project, and the Japanese are going to translate their version of toys for the open beta testing. As we know, on May 8, the Japanese studio GameON launch at home the open beta testing of this promising project.

All those who can not wait to step MBT games BDO , can take yourself to customize your character. Create your alter ego Japanese will be available in the period from 25 April to 1 May. Also the other day on the network has information regarding the further development of the Korean version of the project. Here's what you should pay attention to:

1. In May, the game will open the Wizard class in male and female versions. Apparently, this class will be an analogue of "Samurai".
2. The official release will take place in July.
3. Also, in the summer in the game will be a new vast wilderness area - Valencia. Here you will see a new town, the castle and find plenty of adventure.
4. Towards the end of 2015 in Black Desert Online will introduce two large areas - winter «Dorikan» abode and elves «Kamashirubia».

5. The rest of the developers there are 2 important points that they will try to change in the near future:
• Transform the system of parties.
• Give the world a coherent structure, that is to remove the channel system.
While our Asian friends enjoying a wonderful game, we need to wait for the same studio GameNet still translate the Russian version of the project BDO to the next stage of testing.


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