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Are you Ready to Pay 250 Euro for Destiny 2 ?

The MMO shooter Destiny was officially announced with an impressiv trailer .Destiny 2 will be a stand-alone game that will be released on September 8, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. From Destiny 1, you can only transfer the appearance of your characters, any progress and all items will be omitted. Story-technically this is justified, that an attack of the cabal on the last city and the tower destroyed all existing weapons and armor parts.

The pre- orders for Destiny 2 started with the Reveal trailer . I want to know from you today: Do you use the pre-order possibilities or wait until you have more information about Destiny 2? And for which edition do you decide?If you want to pre-order Destiny 2, you have to make a decision: Which edition should be used?The standard edition contains only the main game, is with 70 euros (60 euros for PC)  the most favorable option. If you want to take care of the future and pay for the two extensions, which will probably be released in the winter of 2017 and spring 2018, you can also purchase a bundle of standard editions and an extension pass for 30 euros more.

You can watch up all digital content for 110 euros on the console Stores: Digital Deluxe Edition includes the main game, the expansion passport and additional digital content: A badge, a gesture and a legendary sword.With the limited edition and the Collector's Edition , you'll also get a lot of gimmicks. So there is the collector's edition for a whopping 250 Euro (240 for PC), which contains a Steelbook cover, a collector's box, a borderland backpack and a borderland kit.All things that the massive Destiny fans would like to see. But is it really worth you 250 euros? Or do you want only the digital content anyway, since you can do nothing with the other stuff? Says: "The standard edition is enough!"?

The topic of "pre-ordering" is a controversial issue in the game. If you pre-order a game, which is hardly known yet, buy the cat in the sack. And about Destiny 2 is still known as nothing. We only know how the story setting will look at the beginning. We get an insight into the gameplay only in May. Is it worth to pre-order now?While many fans have already thrown their money against the monitor, many are answering: "No!" Finally, the release is still months away, since you do not have to open the wallet for something that is hardly known.

But now we want to know your opinion: Have you already pre-ordered Destiny 2 or are you still waiting? Which edition will you get? Are you ready to pay 250 euros for the Collector's Edition?The Limited Edition and the Collector's Edition are currently out of print.

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