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Are Sandbox MMORPGS Just An Illusion?

Players want to have as many freedom as possible, which is why sandbox MMOs are currently very popular. Are these features just an illusion?

In a theme park MMO you follow a given story. Each player takes the same quests and gets the same opponents. This is a very limited and also linear player experience. All sandbox mmos would like to offer the opposite.

Players can remove raw materials, process them into goods, and then sell them. You can explore the world, fight monsters and other players, and enjoy so much more freedom than a sandbox can offer.
Players expect too much from sandbox mmorpgs,another problem are the cash shop items which play a big role in house decoration,character customization,fashion and more. If you build a house, either the appearance is already completely pre-set or there are a few elements available to each one that you can use to build your home from it. The same applies to decoration items, costumes, pets and much more. If you think about it, you are severely restricted in many things, even in a sandbox.

If you go on an adventure trip, just like in a MMO theme park, you defeat the monsters like everyone else and find the same treasure in the caves . If the game is divided into levels, you can reach the same level as everyone else and carry the same weapons and armor.

This does not mean that you enjoy truly immense freedoms as in real life. Because a game remains a game and this is always under certain restrictions, which make the liberties to an illusion.

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