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Mail.ru Account Registration

1. Go to www.Mail.ru

2. Click Register Account (you will find the buttons marked with green in the following screenshots)

Mail.ru Account Creation

3. Complete the first/last name, username, password, etc. and choose the “I do not have a Mobile Phone” option

Mail.ru Account Creation

4. Choose a Secret Question (I went for the first one from the dropdown window – no ideea what it means) and write your answer, then click “Register Account”.

Mail.ru Account Creation

5. Write the Captcha Code, click the “Next” button (didn’t make a screenshot for this, but you will find it) and you are ready to go. A pop-up window will appear with a “Link Accounts” option for other Russian mails, but you don’t need it so close that.

ArcheAge Account Registration

1. Go to aa.mail.ru

2. Click “Register Account” (mark with green)

ArcheAge RU Account Registration

3. Enter your Email Adress, Mail.ru Password and choose a Forum Nickname (between 6 and 16 characters) and click the “Sign Up” button.

ArcheAge RU Account registration

4. You should be ready to go, but in case it doesn’t redirect you, go to aa.mail.ru again and type your Mail.ru address and password, and click “Sign In”.

ArcheAge RU Account Registration

You are now almost ready to begin your epic adventure. On the next page you will find out how to download ArcheAge Client.

or Check this video

English Patch

1. Unzip the downloaded folder
2. Open patch.bat with Notepad (or some other similar software)
3. Replace "C:GamesMailRuArcheAgegame_pak" with the location of game_pak on your computer, inside the ArcheAge folder
4. Run patch.bat and wait for it to be finished
5. Play ArcheAge!
(cred to tuoret for instructions)
If everything works, once you run the patch.bat, it should display some stuff and ask if it should proceed. If it just opens and closes it is not working.


Archeage Download link( via Mail Ru Launcher,can pause/stop/continue)http://aa.mail.ru/download

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