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Age of Wonders 3 High Quality Strategy Empire Builder Game Preview

I spent the whole day reading reviews from experts in their field and show gameplay videos. And that day I realized that every fan TBS obliged to buy and play a new part of AoW . Age of Wonders 3 - a successful mixture of RPG and TBS. Great hiking, global and protracted battle, diplomacy, construction, development - that is Age of Wonders 3 . It is not worse than the previous parts, no. It even better. Global Innovation little, but what made AoF2 almost the best fantasy strategy left.Features can be disassembled into several parts, which I did.

As in similar TBS, gameplay component is divided into two parts: global and tactical map. On the global map, we We build castles, armies and manage Play diplomacy. If a player attacks begin tactical actions, where each unit will operate. If you have already gathered exterminate their enemies huge armies have to sweat from the very beginning of the party, we take on the role of a beggar Lord with few soldiers and village instead of a lock. Be taken into account at once, that the main task of the party to capture or subdue all enemies. Peaceful solution does not happen. The player, of course, be able to conclude trade deals or military alliances with the neighbor, but eventually will against neighbor. But not everything depends on military affairs. Be sure to pay a lot of attention as a major factor, and trifles. For example, the mood in the country. If a player does not care about people, he must continue a ruler - will start riots and uprisings that have repressed.

The fantasy World is Hufge,Many races, many stories. Age of Wonders 3 follows the same course, and adding his own striking unnecessary. Complete freedom of action, not otherwise. And so the game are familiar six races in his own way unique. Elves too nimble people of traditional healing and master archery. Shoot accurately and far away, but in the melee are not effective.People are famous for their cavalry. Gnomes completely given craft, creating a real killing machine. Drakoniytsy exterminate all flying their wars, and Goblins Smetana cavalry people their pikemen. Well Orcs - capable of bandits and classified infantry. Generally, each race has its own pros and cons. So think carefully before choosing. Also, the player will have to choose the class.Their way too 6: Enchanter , theocracy , Dodger , Warlord , Druid and Fearless . Everyone has their own abilities. For example, the Wizard can use magic power to destroy entire armies. A Dodger able to create special units that can use invisibility and climbeth through walls. In short: a lot of combinations and the study of all abilities will take more than one day.

Magic in the Age of Wonders 3 plays a huge role. No, it is not only the ability used on the tactical map. It's a whole aspect. On the development of magical skills leave a lot of time. Magic spell can do everything: to destroy the army to destroy the province, to resurrect the whole army. If the siege continues for a long time, do not despair: infect ailing city and wait until the enemy kills and weakens. If the enemy forces undoubtedly win at meetings with allies, call frosts and watch the result. Of course, every magical spell worth a certain number of moves and mana. And it pleases.

Each has its vassal fighting units that can be managed on the tactical map. Each unit develops apart from all and gets its unique capabilities. It depends on the actions of the detachment in combat. Of marines, you can create a real specialty subversive detachment and cavalry train dodging peak. But even the best ability to not allow the Marines to fly or sail the sea, the mountains. Groups are directly dependent on the mode of transportation and the terrain.Groups of elves move rapidly in forests and hills, when the infantry people well-versed in the developments. But even they can not compare with the flying units that do not depend on terrain and conditions.

Before going into battle, inspect the area on the global map. You can say goodbye to his large cavalry, if you send it to the walls of the fort, or to urban sprawl. Cavalry effective only in the fields. But if you do not comply with the order and the ability to sent him back to where he can not fight, act according to circumstances. Stick and manite enemy to more advantageous positions. in network games, players can use this. Troops hiding in the woods, quietly sneak into the rears and ambushes. Just imagine: You command a large army. Collecting banners, you moved on the enemy. The first thing that catches the eye is a small cavalry fearless foe, located in the middle of a small field surrounded by forest. What do you do? Novice will move his entire army to this cavalry and gets ambushed. In this scenario, the outcome of the battle is not hard to predict. A skilled player first send several hiking groups in the forest, finds the enemy and most likely win.


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