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EQ Landmark CB Starts march 26th

EQ Landmark CB Starts march 26th

One of the highest anticipated mmorpg of 2014 is ready to launch their CB March 26..For those that dont know EQ landmark is a deep Sandbox mmorpg with Stunning graphics.They also plan to add a new Island for this CB phase.When Closed Beta begins, you will need to choose a new appearance, gather new resources, craft new tools and make new claims from scratch again. Everyone starts at the same place.

Alpha players may have a one-up on folks as far as manipulating the building tools, but this closed beta adds more to the game, so there is plenty of new to go around. Even the very progression has altered. So to give yourself a boost in your new journeys and take a look here at what you can expect when you log in.

Crafting and harvesting have had significant ove

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