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Allods Merges into 1 Server 5.0 update Preview

Allods Merges into 1 Server 5.0 update Preview

The New servers are placed in Netherland(1 free, 1 Sub server),all can transfer their eu/na/it/turk acounts to mail ru for free

check this link http://en.allods.com/

5.0 Update Preview

Umoir and a new adventure

In update 5.0 “Heart of the World” a new allod has become available: the allod Umoir.

The fates decree that players will be at the centre of events, and will help the local ruler to stop the spread of distortion in Umoir, thus bringing tranquillity to this land. They will also go on a new raid adventure with their comrades on an enormous astral ship, the likes of which there is no equal in the whole of Sarnaut. The colossal battleship, created with the latest technology, is named Eclipse, and there’s not a single fortress in the world

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