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ArcheAge RU Guide How to Buy Premium Account with Credit Card or PayPal by "Rokwood"

ArcheAge RU Guide How to Buy Premium Account with Credit Card or PayPal

For those of you who are wondering what does the Premium Account offers, here is a short description.

Premium account will allow you to build houses and farms (options that aren’t available with the free account), you will get 5 working points every 5 minutes even if you are logged out and the WP pool is set to 5000 points (with the free account you get only 1 point every 5 minutes if you are logged in and the pool is limited to 1000 points). Premium account will also:

boost your EXP

Craft EXP

and Drop Chance by 10%.

1. Login on aa.mail.ru

2. 1st Click “Add Funds”  (marked with green)

3. Choose the Visa/MasterCard and select the 300 option from the

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ArcheAgeRU Account Registration Guide & English Patch by Rokwood

Mail.ru Account Registration

1. Go to www.Mail.ru

2. Click Register Account (you will find the buttons marked with green in the following screenshots)

3.  Complete the first/last name, username, password, etc. and choose the “I do not have a Mobile Phone” option

4. Choose a Secret Question (I went for the first one from the dropdown window – no ideea what it means) and write your answer, then click “Register Account”.

5. Write the Captcha Code, click the “Next” button (didn’t make a screenshot for this, but you will find it) and you are ready to go. A pop-up window will appear with a “Link Accounts” option for other Russian mails, but you don’t need it so close that.

ArcheAge Account Registration

1. Go to aa.mail.ru

2. Click “Register Account” (mark with green)

3. Enter your Email

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