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Bless Online(RU) : VPN+Registration Guide

Bless Online(RU) : VPN+Registration Guide

Hello mmositers,today i will show you how to register and downlaod the highly anticipated  mmorpg Bless online.Bless is a Korean MMORPG developed with the Unreal 3 Engine. Bless is an action MMO with a strong focus on the fight between two factions: the Imperial Hieron in the north and the freedom-loving Union in the South.

Registration Guide

Open the official Website : https://bless.101xp.com/

Click on the registration Link

Enter the e-mail and confirm

Now it's time to check your e-mail inbox

The E-mail includes username+random password

Now click here to download the Game launcher or use this Link :https://xp-scw-bless-web.akamaized.net/launcher101xp_setup_23012017.exe

VPN Guide

Download VPN gate http://playraw.de/dl/vpngate-client.zip


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Black Desert Ru Introduces Dog Houses,Sexy Underwear and More

Black Desert Ru Introduces Dog Houses,Sexy Underwear and More

Today we will take a look at the new Black Desert RU features.One of the new Features are :Oren armor sets for all classes,Underwear Medea,Akita-Inu dog,House for dogs,new bed and more.They also added weekly assignments for items needed for the guild production, which were later used in the imperial trade guild.Take a look and feel free to share your thoughts.

Another changes :

- Improving fishing practices;
- improving hunting experience;
- improving the experience of cooking;
- improving the experience of alchemy;
- improving manufacturing practices;
- improving the experience of taming;
- improving trade practices;
- improving the experience of the harvest;

Oren armor sets for all classes (without wings)
Shining gol

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Lost Ark : Infighter Skills Preview

Lost Ark : Infighter Skills Preview

Today we will take a look at the Infighter class, which is able to control the red and green energy in order to effectively kill the enemy.Infighter  is a melee class that uses two different energies to activate abilities (red and green). This class can use Steel Gloves weapons

All Skills Preview

(Red)you apply a couple of beats before you.

(Red)you strike with a foot in the ground, throwing all the enemies around you.

(Red)you strike in the air.

(Red)you jump up and strike at area.

(red)you create in front of a ball of energy, and then detoniruete it.

green),you make a few bumps in the ground, dealing damage to all enemies around him.

you create a bundle of energy that attracts all the enemies and then detonates.( green)

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Lost Ark : Battle Master Skills Preview

Lost Ark : Battle Master Skills Preview

Battle Master is a close range melee class. This class is very similar to the Kung Fu Master in Blade and Soul. During the combat it accumulates "energy elements", which gives the properties of the elements different attacks. You can save up to 4 stacks. Some of the skills can only be used a certain number of stacks. Some of the skills BM'a can change dramatically depending on different things.

All Skills


1.You cut the distance to the target.
2.(Element) you release the lightning before him.


1.You are committing numerous attacks in front of you.
2.You hit the ground, causing an explosion in front of him.
3.(Element), you freeze, and then smash the enemies in front of you.


1.You apply a few strokes on the move.

2.(Element) is contracted yo

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