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Do MMORPGS Need New Systems And Game Rules?

Do MMORPGS Need New Systems And Game Rules?

Times change, game genres are changing. Is it time for new MMORPG rules and gaming systems?We've talked about the fact that the splendor of the MMOs is over. The market is still there, but it has changed. This should not mean that the MMORPGs should change this?

If the opinion of some game developers, there are some changes. The online gaming market is currently dominated by MOBAs, where rapid success is achieved, a clear goal that can be achieved in a relatively short time, and which are fast to play. The developers of the upcoming MMORPG Crowfall want to throw the current MMO rules overboard and bring a little MOBA into the genre.

Crowfall does not offer a persistent game world. Rather, there are campaigns that play on different worlds. One ca

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Anime MMORPG Grand Fantasia(TW)is now available for Android/IOS+Download

Anime MMORPG Grand Fantasia

The latest X-Legend Entertainment MMORPG'Grand Fantasia' is officially live and available on the Google Play Stores in TW and China.The good part is you don't need to wait for the English version so feel free to download and enjoy this beautiful mmorpg on your phones.

The Grand Fantasia PC version is available for the first time in 2008 and became an anime-style MMORPG, and it became popular very fast. The mobile version uses Action RPG gameplay with a combination of adventure still cute and fun original game features.


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Are Sandbox MMORPGS Just An Illusion?

Are Sandbox MMORPGS Just An Illusion?

Players want to have as many freedom as possible, which is why sandbox MMOs are currently very popular. Are these features just an illusion?

In a theme park MMO you follow a given story. Each player takes the same quests and gets the same opponents. This is a very limited and also linear player experience. All sandbox mmos would like to offer the opposite.

Players can remove raw materials, process them into goods, and then sell them. You can explore the world, fight monsters and other players, and enjoy so much more freedom than a sandbox can offer.
Players expect too much from sandbox mmorpgs,another problem are the cash shop items which play a big role in house decoration,character customization,fashion and more. If you build a house, either the ap
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Do MMORPGS Need A Story?

Do MMORPGS Need A Story?

Developers often find themselves in a good mood to offer players the best possible quests and an exciting story in MMORPG's. But is this really necessary and is it appreciated?

Many MMORPG players run through the game in order to be as fast as possible and quickly to get the best equipment or to buy and set up their own as quickly as possible. Story is rather incidental. Even in games where quests are in the foreground, many players usually  read what they receive and decide whether to accept the quest or not, even if  the story sounds interesting.

On the one hand, players are not really interested in it, it is very interesting what you experience through your own deeds in the game. Sandbox games are also very popular. In these there is usually no real s

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