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Sigh... Busy - Maybe Eventually

I'm terrible at commiting to this, then again I did quit Aion because of a lack of people being around...


Maybe I'll be able to get something on here when I get my personal site done (and its custom CMS) along with a new website I'm putting up. Also, theres other projects I could put stuff up on here for, like MMOfinder 2.0 (1.0 failed with all the changes I had to make to design during development from finding out I couldn't do certain things for where I wanted to put it) and a 2D game that I'm working on (that will be fully custom, from artwork to storyline).



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Build Diagram (Computer / Entertainment System)

I'm starting on building/putting togeather a computer/entertainment system. Below is a my build diagram thus far. I'll be posting updates when I order or have an exact price for an item. Have fun watching it grow and try guessing what I'm going to buy... Suggestions welcome.


Build Diagram

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Windows 7 for $30? Check it out. (US Only)

Originally fromLifeHacker.com by: Kevin Purdy



Windows7If you're a U.S. college student, or at least having a working .edu email address, you don't have to pay $120 to upgrade Vista to Windows 7. You can get the Home Premium upgrade for just $30. Updates: See below.

Our blog sibling Gizmodo just noticed a Microsoft promotion at Win741.com, offering U.S. students Windows 7 Home Premium for just $30. That's a good deal better than the $120 retail price for an upgrade, and, as with the Ultimate Steal Office offering, Microsoft and cohorts aren't exactly going to ring up your alma mater's provost to ensure you're still enrolled there when you hand over your .edu mail address.

Hit the "Buy" link in the middle-left box on the viral-marke-tastic 741 site to sign for the $30 offering, a deal that's valid until Jan. 3.


>>>More At LifeHacker.com

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Website about ready to go and an update for here.

So I'm about to get started bloging/review etc. on my newly set up personal site. http://gamerstudios.game-host.org


AND the update. Ok not really, more of a notice. I'll be posting about how college has gone so far for me either here or on my site sometime this week end.


Also, I'll be putting a MMOsite ad/link to my site, so free advertising for MMOsite. <3

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