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So I was asked to write a Lissandra guide, but I realized that I am terrible with Lissandra. I'm only a lower Gold tier player, so it will not be as good as the ones written by the pro players. There's plenty of good ones written by the pros out there, but this is my own take on it. I will work on others, but I will focus on the lower cost champions since they are easier to obtain.

Ryze is an ability power/mana based champion. He is very easy to use since basically all of his skills are point and click. He is easily affordable at 450 IP, so most people will have access to him. He is excellent in both Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss. He is quite weak early on, but extremely powerful during the late game due to high cooldown reduction and spell vamp on his ultimate. He can be played as either a top lane or mid lane. As long as he can get farm, it is good.

For the most part Ryze is weak early in lane because he does not have any escape skills. All he has for crowd control is his Rune Prison.You can take advantage of Rune Prison and Overload to harass the enemy, but this will cost you a lot of mana and you should not do this unless you have the blue buff from the golems. This might be able to stop some people from jumping on you, but you will most likely have to use flash. As a result, it is best to play defensively and ward up. Focus on just staying alive. It is difficult to get a kill until you get to level 6 with your ultimate. Once you have Desperate Power, then you can do a lot more damage to the enemy champion. Because you will often be pushed up to your tower, make sure you signal that the enemy is missing the moment they back off because this is their chance to go harass another lane.

See the map below for the ward guide. The most important thing is to be able to see when the enemy jungler is coming to you so you can back off. Remember that some enemies can jump through walls. The longer you can keep your flash up, the less likely you will be ganked. Warding is a team effort. As a middle laner, your job is to try to keep track of when the enemy is entering your jungle. Many enemy junglers will aim to try to steal the Wraiths on your side of the map and you should harass them to try to limit that.

NOTE: This map DOES NOT work for Nocturne since his ultimate gives him a much longer range to attack you from. Someone like Jarvan can also double jump into your face.

This is the mastery page that I use for Ryze. I focus a lot more on cooldown and even though the cooldown cap is at 40% or so, I often go way over because it helps me lane and get to late game faster. Ryze with high cooldown reduction is a monster because he can chain numerous skills together. Combining Desperate Power along with either a Frozen Heart or Spirit Visage can easily get you 40% cooldown reduction.

Rune pages are a little different. For the most part, I plan to use spell vamp quintessences. However, I only have 1 right now and I rely mostly on Magic Penetration, Flat Armor, and Flat Magic Resistance instead. This will make you a little harder to kill.

Ryze's early game is extremely weak. He attacks slow and does not have long range. If you think you can win in lane, get Boots, a Sight Ward, and Health Potions to start with. If you think you might lose, get a Crystalline Flask and a Sight Ward. If your jungler can assist you, then you can Rune Prison an enemy and have your jungler jump on them. It will probably take two tries since the first one is usually going to just make your enemy use their Flash to escape. If you are not receiving help, focus on farming and playing defensively. If you do not see the enemy jungler, assume that they are near you and try not to push forward. While Ryze has the potential to kill minions quickly with Desperate Power, you also need it to kill someone if you get the chance to. Having it available will deter the enemy from jumping on you since you can trap them under your tower if they try to tower dive you early on. If you brought Flash and Teleport instead of Ignite, you can take advantage of your allies' wards and teleport to them to attack the enemy players. This will help you win other lanes if done properly. Try having your team place wards on the enemy's side of the brushes on the side. Aim to get Tear of the Goddess and Catalyst early on. Remember to continue buying wards to keep yourself and your jungle safe. If you somehow push up to the enemy tower with no wards, go kill your own Wraiths instead of taking the risk of attacking the turret with no wards.

Once you get Tear of the Goddess, you want to focus on building it up so you should use your abilities to build up your mana. If you can get a blue buff, then you should be able to build up the Tear quickly. Harass the enemy frequently with Rune Prison and Overload if you think you have the mana to spare. You want to make sure you keep up enough mana for a full rotation of all of your skills with Desperate Power on in case you get the chance to kill the enemy champion. Aim to get Boots if you have not. You want to finish your Rod of Ages before you finish Archangel's Staff since it takes longer to build up to maximum power. These items will account for the majority of your power. The rest of your items will focus on reducing cooldown so you can spam your skills more quickly. Depending on how well the other lanes are holding up, the lane phase will probably end around the time you complete your first major item if not before.

Ryze is excellent in team fights due to his area of effect. Desperate Power turns all of his skills into area of effect. By using your ward placement to your advantage, you might be able to use Flash and Rune Prison to start off a fight, but doing so forces you to go "all in" and you have to get a kill otherwise you waste a lot of resources. Generally, his chain goes Desperate Power, Overload, Spell Flux, Overload, Rune Prison, Overload if you want to maximize damage, but you might want to Rune Prison before spell flux if you think the enemy has a chance to escape. Aim for supports who are trying to place wards or the enemy AD Carry. They are the most valuable targets. I recommend not using Flash and Rune Prison frequently and only doing it when you get the chance to during a fight near dragon or if you can catch someone who is trying to place a ward. You might force a fight that you are not ready for. Generally, Ryze with Desperate Power can deal about 40% of the enemy's HP in a full spell rotation if the enemy has not built high magic defense and you do not have Archangel's yet. Keep track of how much damage you can do in 1 full rotation of either of the two types listed above.

As you get to late game, it is important to keep track of what the enemy is building. If the enemy has heavy ability power, you want to build a Spirit Visage. If the enemy has high attack damage, you want to build a Frozen Heart. These items both give you some defense and 20% cooldown reduction. If you took the masteries above and maxed out Overload already, you should have about 40% cooldown reduction. This will be your primary defensive item until you get either a Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel. If the enemy is relying heavily on a single skill for starting a fight, it is best to get Banshee's Veil. If the enemy relies on just pure damage, Guardian Angel combined with your Seraph's Embrace will make it difficult to instantly kill someone. If for some reason you actually manage to make it to a 6 item build, you can consider adding a Will of the Ancients to give your entire team more ability power and spell vamp.

Ryze is bad against what are considered "all in" champions. These champions are the ones that aim to try to instantly drop you from 100% to 0 HP. These include Kassadin, Leblanc, Diana, and Xerath. They are strong against Ryze until he can build up either his HP or some kind of magic resist. However, with assistance from your jungle, it is possible to take advantage of this by using Rune Prison then they come in and having your jungle follow up to stun them longer. It is difficult to do so because the window for attacking them is extremely small since their skills also allow them to run away.

Ryze is also bad for killing turrets. Damage to turrets is based on either attack damage or ability power, but Ryze relies on mana for his main source of damage. This means both his attack damage and ability power is low until you complete Archangel's Staff. Some people try to build a Manamune to counter this, but you will sacrifice some ability power as a result. Whether or not this is worth it is up to you.

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