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The overall ARAM guide is broken into several parts. The first part focused on preferred champions and what you should do. This part is going to be about item builds for some of the different "roles" that champions can fill in ARAM. I might get into champion specifics if i have additional time.

Essentially, there are three types of champions for ARAM: Attack Damage, Ability Power, and Tank. You either output super heavy damage or run interference as a tank. Some people think that tanks are useless in ARAM, but if the game lasts for more than 15 minutes, tanks start becoming more important. It is at least better to have some sort of defense to prevent yourself from being instantly killed and some kind of HP regeneration so you can deal with a poke team.

Item builds can also be coordinated to help the team. If your entire team can agree on something like this, then your team will be much stronger. Always make sure that you at least have 1 person who can fall into each of the categories. If not, you are almost guaranteed to lose past the 15 minute mark since the enemy can just stack armor or magic resist instead of having to increase both. After getting 3 offensive based items and your upgraded boots, you should try to get something defensive to make yourself harder to kill or lock down, even if you are a high damage character. Remember that some items, such as Warmog’s and Guardian Angel, cannot be built in the Howling Abyss. I prefer Spirit Visage in most cases followed by Orb of Winter. Items that scale with enemy HP are preferred, such as Blade of the Ruined King and Liandry’s Torment.


Attack Damage:

An attack damage champion can be anyone with a good attack range or crowd control such as stun or slow. Of course, the regular attack damage carries are preferred, but since it is random, you are not guaranteed to get one. If that is the case, then you have to improvise. However, ability power champions should never be focused on building attack damage unless there is no other choice. If this is the case, the champion with the highest auto attack range or some kind of crowd control should build attack damage. Champions like Leblanc make decent attack damage carries. Ahri is also good. However, champions like Brand, Xerath, and supports with heals should never be built into attack damage because their utility from their abilities far outweigh the benefits of having them go attack damage. Ezreal is the only AD Carry that should be building Iceborn Gauntlets. The rest have much better items to get.


The items that I recommend are

Blade of the Ruined King 

Berserker’s Greaves (if ranged) or Mercury's Treads (if melee) 

Infinity Edge (if ranged) or Black Cleaver (if melee) 

Last Whisper 


If ranged Attack Damage

Phantom Dancer/Statik Shiv (pick one)  


If melee Attack Damage

Spirit Visage/Orb of Winter  



Sanguine Blade (only if playing as Attack Damage Caster types) 

Iceborn Gauntlet (Ezreal)

The Lightbringer (if your enemy team has any stealth champions at all) 

Zephyr (super late game to replace Berserker's Greaves) 


If you are building defensive, pick one of the following

Mercurial Scimitar (if they have a lot of crowd control) 

Maw of Malmortius (if they just have a lot of ability power) 

Sprit Visage/Orb of Winter (if enemy team is poke focused)  

Thornmail (if enemy team is mainly attack damage focused) 


Ability Power:

If you build ability power on any champion, make sure that all their abilities benefit from ability power. While ARAM allows you to be creative, things like ability power Gangplank is terrible because it only helps his heal and the rest of the skills are wasted by doing so. Ability power on someone like Tristana is often a waste as well considering that she can boost her attack speed by 70%. Most ability power based champions are focused on poking down the enemy. They can clear waves as well, but usually not as well as attack damage champions. The most important thing however, is to be able to spam abilities as much as possible so having good mana regeneration is very important. Spell vamp on the other hand, is not as important due to building something with HP regeneration like Spirit Visage.


The items that I recommend are

Athene’s Unholy Grail 

Rod of Ages /Archangel’s Staff (I do not recommend both because it takes too long to build up power)

Liandry’s Torment 

Sorcerer’s Boots 

Zhonya’s Hourglass (get this earlier if you are dying too fast) 

Rabadon’s Deathcap 



Lichbane/Nashor’s Tooth (Teemo, Kayle, and maybe Diana, replaces Archangel’s or Rod of Ages)  

Deathfire Grasp (for any champions that can get into melee range easily) 

Hextech Sweeper (if any team has any kind of stealth) 



The tank also doubles as the initiator most of the time. Their main job is to annoy the enemy and stop them from taking actions. However, they still need some kind of damage. The best thing they can do is run straight for the enemy AD Carry because those tend to be the easiest to kill. Just running up to them can cause them to run. Most tanks will not have a lot of damage, but it is possible to get some damage on them. They should also be the one to build Locket of the Iron Solari. I highly recommend starting with the Emblem of Valor because it gives your team some extra armor and HP regeneration. It can mean the difference in getting first blood. Champions with high natural HP regeneration or skills that deal fixed damage such as Mundo are the best for this. The second best are those with unnaturally high tanking power due to some special skill or passive such as Poppy and Irelia.


For Damage (need at least 1)

Blade of the Ruined King or Ravenous Hydra (on Attack Damage) 

Archangel’s Staff (on Ability Power) 


The items that I recommend are

Locket of the Iron Solari (very important to build Emblem of Valor first) 

Mercury's Treads 

Sunfire Cape 

Spirit Visage/Orb of Winter  

Randuin’s Omen 


Thornmail (if enemy team is nearly all Attack Damage) 

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