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You get a Viking Summon Marble upon completing the Forest of Spirits quest chain. You tend to get here around level 12 or 13 and the Monk is not recruitable until level 18.


The Viking is the first of the Axe type mercenaries that can be recruited. Axe mercenaries tend to have high HP and damage due to axes giving strength and vitality bonuses. Axe type weapons also hit the target directly to the left and right of your target making it useful for maintaining stun pressure. Unfortunately, Vikings probably have the lowest AP gains in the game. If you are dealing with anything that can potentially drain AP, the Viking is nothing more than a wall that takes hits for another mercenary. What makes the Viking useful though is his ability to use Freezing Axe. Freezing Axe instantly stuns a target unless they are purified or Freezing Axe is cancelled by Holy Guard or another spell. After the level 20 upgrade, Freezing Axe hits an entire row. This skill makes Vikings very good for low lvl PvP. Unfortunately, despite the high HP of Vikings, they have very low magic defense. A couple of Flame Swords is often enough to bring a Viking down to critical HP and they do not recover very much HP from heals. Bosses from Dracula (last boss of Bran Castle) and on are also immune to Freezing Axe and other forms of stun. The Viking is great for low levels though. Higher level bosses tend to spam attacks that hit all your mercenaries. Unfortunately for the Viking, these tend to be magic based and as a result, Vikings are unlikely to be able to survive any of the attacks later on regardless of how much HP they have.


Upon completion of a quest, you can upgrade a level 100 Viking into a Northern Viking. Northern Vikings gain access to Ice Ridge Axe, which is a more powerful version of Freezing Axe. They also gain more AP and gain a significant boost to their magic defense. Should you convert your Viking into a Northern Viking, they become a much better tank, but their abilities do not differ much more than that. The Northern Viking does have higher stats though since it is considered to be a C rank mercenary after the upgrade.


The primary skill of the Viking is Freezing Axe. At first it can only target one enemy at a time, but after the level 20 upgrade it freezes the entire row. It acts as a debuff by making enemies affected by it unable to take action and lowers both defense and magic defense. It is a great setup if you plan to spam skills or Mana Seal your enemy in order to increase stun pressure and prevent as many of their mercenaries from taking action as possible. Enemies affected by Freezing Axe also take damage over time, but the damage is very low and the main reason why you even use Freezing Axe is for the stun and not the damage. Boss type enemies are immune to it though and there is a future mercenary that will be immune to it as well. You can also use Freezing Axe to try to force your PvP opponent to Holy Guard their front row and give yourself the opportunity to spike one of their mercenaries on the front row since they cannot heal that mercenary as long as Holy Guard is active.


The other skill that a Viking has is Deadly Strike. One of the good things about Vikings is that they have very high HP. This means that even though they are at 50% of max and can use Deadly Strike, they potentially still have tons of HP. Unfortunately, the damage is not very high since Vikings have low intelligence and their weapons do not provide any sort of boost to the skill. It is still useful for the one last attack before they die and they are more likely to be able to survive and attack with it a 2nd time if you used it when they were at just enough HP to use it the first time. However, it is still impractical due to the fact that your AP goes into the negatives after using it making it very unlikely that they will survive to use it again.


The last skill of the Viking is not available until you complete the quest to upgrade the Viking into a Northern Viking. Once the upgrade is complete, the Northern Viking can learn Ice Ridge Axe. It debuffs enemies more than the standard Freezing Axe and stuns them just the same as Freezing Axe. It is really no different other than being a more powerful version of another skill and that the appearance of the skill changes. 

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