Tera To Utilize Player-driven Politics

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at Jun 08, 2011 2:09 am

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Mandifesto and myself were given a real treat when we stopped by En Masse's booth at E3 today: Being able to get a sneak peek at Tera, the new MMORPG that seeks to break the point-and-click mold that games in the same genre have fallen into, we were actually given some never-before-released info on one of the more intriguing player-driven systems set in place within the game: politics.

Yes, much like in the real world, players can actually run  to become the big cheese of their city. There are actually two ways of achieving this position. The first is a more traditional method: get yourself voted into office. This can be done through a majority of ways, but all of them involve promoting yourself as a public figure among the masses. Players are actually free to promote themselves in whatever method they see fit for their campaign, and can even go so far as going outside of the game. It's just like how political campaigns are run in the real world, except you don't have to choose an allegiance between two or more parties of middle-aged morons. Your creativity in how you run your campaign will be the determining factor in how the public responds to you. However, you're not going to get far without the backing of your guildmates. Also like in real life, you'll need to form your own committee to help promote yourself as a fitting ruler, and the comrades you make will be helping to run your campaign.

The other method requires getting your hands a bit dirty, and that's through direct combat. By taking part in PvP and battlegrounds, you can prove yourself to the masses through your strength rather than through words. Again, this will require the aid of your guildmates, and by utilizing proper coordination, skill, communication with your group, and a bit of luck, you can let your weapons fill the role of your campaign promotions, and work your way to the top. With this method, you can take control of a region by sheer force, rather than go through the normal political processes. No matter what method you choose to win your position, we were assured that, because of there being so many conditions an election can take place under, no two elections will ever be exactly the same.

Once you are able to make your way to the top, you'll have access to all of the perks a ruler can have. Rulers can do a number of things, such as adjusting tax rates, running events, setting up shops, and even allowing PKing. The way a player wishes to run things is completely up to him or her. Will you be a kind and just leader, serving as a man of the people, or will you rule your land with an iron fist, filling up your vaults with the townspeople's money and locking up anyone that tries to defy you? The choice is completely up to you. However, just because you get into office, doesn't mean you can stay as long as you wish. In order to keep your position, you'll need to accrue policy points, which can be obtained either by getting the support of others and having them give recommendations for your guildmates, or by completing challenges against tough boss monsters. Again, the method you choose is completely up to you, and it definitely drives the point of the game wanting to break away from more traditional MMO formats.

You can try to become a ruler of your own region when the game is launched later this year. In the meantime, I'd suggest getting a head start on writing your campaign speeches.

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