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Nexon is making the upcoming update for Dungeon Fighter Online the biggest one yet, and they've already been off to a good start by announcing the Thief class and the removal of fatigue points. Now they're taking things further with today's announcement regarding Act X: Rebirth.

The main bombshell here is the raising of the level cap from 60 to 70, meaning more dungeon fighting to do. To coincide with this, the team is introducing a new town, called Bahn Hafen, as well as several new dungeons for players to hack their way through, all with unique bosses and new enemy types. These new dungeons will also be setting themselves apart from previous ones by having a new difficulty level, the Hero's Road. If you thought King's Road runs were getting to be child's play, then this new difficulty should give you a worthwhile challenge.

To go along with this, there also be more customization options for players. Not only is there a new equipment slot being introduced and new gear options available, players will also be able to spend a new kind of skill points, called TP. TP is a point that is gained from 50 on up, and can be used to enhance your own stats, or even your own abilities to make them stronger than before. Oh, and you don't have to worry so much about the grind, since the exp curve is also getting rebalanced for faster leveling, allowing new players (or those planning on starting their Thief up) to get to level 70 faster and experience the new content at a more convenient pace.

Check out the information on the event page, which also has a trailer that gives a neat preview of everything to come.

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