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Persona 2: Innocent Sin , part of Atlus' Megaten series of RPG games, has thus far been the only title of the Persona line to have not seen a release outside of Japan. That's all about to change.

Earlier today, Atlus announced that the game that established Persona as a successful series is finally traveling across international waters this fall for the PSP. This isn't going to be just a simple port of the original game, though. This version of Persona 2 will be a complete remastering. While the game will still contain it's core mechanics such as demon recruiting, the game will have improved visuals, an option to choose between the newly remixed soundtrack or stick with the classic, new quests to undertake, and an improved interface.

The story follows a group of high school students in Sumaru City, Japan, doing their usual high school stuff. Rumors begin to spread, however, of a curse associated with one of the more prominent schools. When the rumors actually start coming true, things begin to decline into madness, as more rumors start to become reality as well. Using the power of Personas, an unlikely group of heroes delve deep into the mystery to find the cause of this phenomenon.

Check out the official website for screenshots, a trailer, and to preorder your copy of the game.

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