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Salutations citizens of Eorzea, or what’s left of you guys at least. Now, I know that FFXIV is technically not supposed to be getting the next patch until June, however, there are still some things worth discussing here, and I hope to get some more input from the readers in regards to what they hope to see.

For those that have been keeping track, the ever-so-talkative Naoki Yoshida posted another letter on the website. This letter gives an updated chart of their to-do list, and they’ve been making a good amount of progress. For this edition, I want to be able to pick out a couple of things included in the letter and the updated chart for today’s discussion.


An Exercise In Sanity

To start things off, we’ve been given a bit of a clue as to how the new battle system is going to operate, outside of the addition of auto-attack. To quote the letter, they plan to make a system that “rewards effort, and reduces monotony.” Basically, the system they have in mind is meant to promote players performing their roles with effort, or destroying groups of enemies, and punish those that half-ass the process. It sounds a bit sketchy to me, since the normal reward for killing things is some loot, and the punishment for not doing so is a dirt nap. If they can find a way to make the rewards portion more significant, then it may very well make combat a more engaging endeavor.

Also of note is the plan to remove physical levels. As many players know, the physical level system, originally intended to allow one to customize their character’s stats to suit their own needs, is really wonky at best, and confusing at its worst. The primary problem is that, while the game does give basic information on what each stat does, there’s a bunch of hidden data that isn’t mentioned in game. Not only that, if a player has a preference for a single class, say, a Thaumaturge, they get completely screwed over if they want to switch over to Marauder later on down the road. This is because physical level stats are almost completely locked into what stat you put your points in, meaning all of your points in INT are going to do squat when your primary attack weapon is a giant axe. Sure there’s an option to reallocate those points, but you only get so much for each time you choose to do so. Simply put, removing physical levels is a good start towards a more user-friendly leveling system.


Will There Be DKP?

Also of important notice is the long awaited addition of endgame content. So far they have dungeons lined up for both rank 30 and 50 classes, with more to be added in the future. There’s no word of how long they’ll be, the level of difficulty, or party size limits (though I assume they’ll all be available for full eight person parties). All we can do at this point is speculate, but my main hope is that they actually implement a number of dungeons with a good amount of content to explore, not just one or two quick little numbers can be finished while half asleep. At the very least, we shouldn't have to worry about waiting in lines to get into an instance, or having to compete with a bunch of other people using taunt bots for boss spawns.

Of particular note is the first of what I would assume to be a series of related fights: a battle against the embodiment of fire, Ifrit. Again, we can only speculate as to how this fight will progress and its significance to the game, but if we can gather anything from the version that was put in for FFXI, we can hopefully see some pretty enjoyable fights. Just don’t expect his design to change much, though, considering that they’ve recycled pretty much everything else from XI so far. Seriously, could we at least get some new goblin designs or something down the road?


Now here’s the part where I ask for you, the people that are still holding out for SE to turn this trainwreck of a game around, for input. What do you guys want to see them change? What do you want to see implemented? How do you think the dungeons may pan out? What do you think of the chnages they've implemented so far? Should the developers focus more or less on trying to be like WoW? Does this subligar make me look fat?

(Try to keep things civil, if you can.)

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