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Everquest II saw a big update earlier today, as Update 60, known as The Children of War, is now available for players. This update delivers on all fronts to players hungry for new content.

Continuing the storyline from the Destiny of Velious expansion released earlier this year, the update brings with it a healthy amount of additions to both the PvE and PvP side of things. In the PvP corner, they've added a new lobby system where players can chill at in between matches and chat with other participants, or trash talk with possible opponents. There's also a new battleground map, as well as a new game type called "Vanquish!" There's also been changes to changes to the rules and the fame system, along with new PvP gear available.

For those with a preference for PvE, they get three new heroic dungeons within the new region of Drunder, as well as four new raids (one x2 level, and three x4 level ones that are available in both normal and challenge settings). There are also new quests to take part in, including dailies and two new quest lines. All of this is sure to keep players occupied for a good while, or at least until the next update.

Check out the information on the website, or just get in game right now to experience everything firsthand.

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