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Ever had a great idea for an enemy concept for a video game, but didn't have the backing of an actual company to bring it to life? Then Trion's got a deal for you.

The good people behind Rift have put out a contest for aspiring artists in partnership with popular art website deviantArt, home of the largest collection of ludicrous and/or traumatizing Sonic the Hedgehog-related artworks. Trion is essentially asking you, the average Joe, to come up with their next boss idea for their successful MMO. The rules are fairly simple: the boss has to be of appropriate scale in relation to the game world (meaning really f-ing big), be aligned with one of the six planar themes (fire, water, earth, air, life, death), and, of course, be an original design (meaning not related to Sonic in any way).

There are some good prizes up for grabs for those that get their designs picked, including some devart swag, Wacom tools, and cash payouts. All semi-finalists will also get a free copy of Rift, and the final judging will be done by the Trion staff themselves. You can look up all the information regarding the contest, as well as submit your best designs (or worst Sonicesque scribbles), on the official contest page.

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