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When it was released in May, The Witcher 2 recieved tons of praise for its story and gameplay, as well as its share of criticisms for the challenging difficulty. Hell, the game even served as a special gift to President Obama during his trip to Poland. Now, Atari has announced today that the blockbuster title will be seeing a Xbox 360 port around Q4 of this year.

The 360 version will recieve numerous changes as it journeys from the PC realm to consoles. Details are said to trickle out in the coming months before release. John Mamais, Executive Producer for developer CDProjekt RED, assures gamers that the game will be "a full adaptation to the new platform, not just a straight port."

Check out the reveal trailer below, which was put together by Oscar nominee Tomasz Baginski (whom the developers also managed to get on for the 360 release).



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