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FFXIV Progress Report: There's A Story Here! Honest!


Salutations to you, citizens of Eorzea (or at least, those that have so far chosen to remain). I assume you all have been enjoying your little egg hunts? That’s good! Patch 1.17 brought on some rather interesting changes to the game, and I’ll be touching on the ones that I feel take things in a positive direction, if only by a single step. Let's get right to it then.


Many Whelps! Handle It!

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Beefy Reviews: Divine Souls


As MMOs move toward a more action oriented setup, people are finding turn-based and cooldown oriented gameplay scenarios are a tired format. Some may say they make the game sluggish, inactive, that they make gamers bored and browse the Facebooks while their character auto attacks something to oblivion.

Recent games such as Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus have worked to ov

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Final Fantasy XIV: Progress Report


As many of you are possibly quite aware, problem child MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has been going through a number of changes as of late in order to make the game worthwhile. The results of those changes? Well, let’s say there’s at least been some progress made.

This little piece will not only serve as my first full blown column for this website, but will hopefully become a regular feature, tracking

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