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FFXIV Progress Report: Pre 1.18 Edition


Okay, I know I kind of skimped out on the progress report for last month, and I apologize for that. With the delays of the upcoming patch 1.18, it was difficult to find anything to talk about as far as progress with saving Final Fantasy XIV from the pit of disaster that it has fallen into goes. It also didn't help that I had a good amount of personal things going on that needed taken care of (including E3).

But, we're finally getting some new info down the pipes. Last month we got a (very rough) look at the new auto-attack system, which will completely replace the clunky stamina gauge. This time, we get a sneak peek at one of the new raids (according to Yoshida, even a small party can raid a particular place, and it wouldn't quite make sense to call a dungeon such when it really is

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FFXIV Progress Report: Where's The Patch?!


Salutations citizens of Eorzea, or what’s left of you guys at least. Now, I know that FFXIV is technically not supposed to be getting the next patch until June, however, there are still some things worth discussing here, and I hope to get some more input from the readers in regards to what they hope to see.

For those that have been keeping track, the ever-so-talkative Naoki Yoshida posted another letter

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Virtual Goods May Help Poor Nations, But At What Price?


No matter what MMO you play, money is always a constant issue, primarily how to obtain it. There are several avenues to go through when doing this, including selling off unwanted items, finishing quests, or even just straight up farming for rare (and profitable) item drops.

One method that’s always seen the ire of gamers has been shops that sell in-game currency to players, a blatant breach of the Terms

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