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Perfect World Wants To Send You To PAX


Have you wanted to attend Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, WA., but unfortunately couldn’t get tickets before they sold out? Don’t worry; Perfect World has got your chance to get in.

All you need to do is simply head on over to their website, specifically the Rusty Hearts game page, and register for the beta. Once you do so, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip for you

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World of Warplanes Will Share Currencies with World of Tanks


The people at Wargaming.net made an announcement earlier this morning regarding the economic policies that their upcoming title, World of Warplanes, will follow.

For those players that have spent ample amount of time on World of Tanks and are interested in trying out their airplanes themed successor, they wanted to assure you that you will, in fact, be able to use currency built from one game in another.

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New Crimson Alliance Screenshots


Certain Affinity has released a new batch of screenshots for their upcoming action RPG title, Crimson Alliance. These images show off the game's detailed dungeon environments, the various creeps you'll encounter, as well as two of the three classes that you will be available to control as you battle against a sinister cult.

Crimson Alliance is set to be released over XBLA this September. In the meantime, check out the screenshots below.






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Star Trek Guild Celebrates GLBT Diversity


I've never been a big fan of Star Trek. I couldn't tell you whether anyone on the Voyager crew was gay or not (that I'd leave to my brother-in-law). However, players of Star Trek Online can join the Stonewall Fleet, the largest GLBT guild in the game, during their Second Annual Pride weekend. The festivities will be going on this weekend, July 9 through July 10.

The event is designed to be in remembran

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Celebrate 4th of July With Faxion Online


Feeling especially patriotic this coming Independence Day? UTV Ignition has got your fix for ways to show off your American pride.

Starting on July 4, players on Faxion Online will have a chance to snag a pair of patriotic wings for their character, courtesy of the Faxion community team. This offer is only available until July 6. After that, they're gone for good. Get them while you can so you can show off your patriotism as you're stomping on the corpses of your rivals.

Keep an eye on the events section of the forums for more details. While you're there, be sure to check out all the other contests and events going on as well.

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Dragonball Online Begins Open Beta

Anime fans, get hyped! DragonBall Online is finally in open beta. And you can get in on the action too by downloading the Taiwanese client (that is, if you're good at speaking Mandarin).

The game is being handled by NetMarble, responsible for other titles such as Uncharted Waters Online, and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. The story of DragonBall Online takes place 216 years after the events of the original manga series (meaning no bullcrap relating to the awful GT series, since it's not even considered canon by the original author, Akira Toriyama). Players will be tasked with fixing various "cracks in time" that have been caused by a shadowy organization, with the help of Time Patrol Trunks.

Fansite DBOcom has an English patch available for download for those who don't have Mandarin

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Take Part In The Rebirth of DFO


Players of Dungeon Fighter Online have a lot to be excited about today. Act X: Rebirth has finally dropped, and with it comes a slew of changes that will change the way you play the game forever.

Act X introduces new dungeons, as well as new Hell Modes and Hell Party encounters, along with a brand new city hub to hang out in. The challenge level is also getting a boost

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Faxion to Introduce Guild Warfare


Ever wanted to be able to call out a rival guild to fight? Maybe they took your boss kill that you camped out for five hours to get? Maybe they made some lewd comments regarding your heritage and/or sexuality? Or maybe they just deserve a good beatdown?

UTV True Games has you covered on all aspects. They've just recently announced a new system in the works for a coming Faxion Online patch that will allow guilds to declare war on each other - even those of the same faction! The process is done simply by popping by a guild hall and declaring an Inquisition on the guild that the player wishes to declare war on, at the cost of some gold. Wars can go on for up to two weeks, and can end with requesting a surrender, requesting unilateral absolution, or just simply killing everything in sigh

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Wakfu To Appear at Anime Expo


Those of you that are attending Anime Expo this weekend may want to add a stop to Square Enix on your travels. They'll be holding a special panel showing off the upcoming MMORPG title Wakfu.

Producer Franko Fonseca will be on hand to discuss how the game is coming along to those that attend the panel. As a bonus, they'll also be providing an exclusive screening of an episode of the anime under the same name, as well as handing out free plushies for those in attendance. For those who have been eagerly waiting to get a first look at this unique title, this is the perfect time to get the important information you need.

The panel itself will be taking place on July 1 at 5:30 pm. If you want to try to get in on the closed beta, you can still register for a key on their website.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gets Chinese Release


Fellow gamers in China have something to be excited about, as they will finally be able to get caught up with everyone else in World of Warcraft with the Chinese release of Cataclysm. The release date is set at July 12.

This actually sets a new timeframe record for overseas releases with the franchise. The western version hit stores over seven months ago, edging out the eight month gap for Burning Crusade. Wrath of the Lich King was the toughest one to get through, as Blizzard has had to contend with a truckload of various procedures and issues to sort through. This includes archaic and bizarre practices from the Chinese government such as extreme censorship, and even their calling the collection of subscription fees "illegal behavior."

Cataclysm at least seems to be getting

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