War Frame Online First Impressions

By: Scion Storm posted at Jan 15, 2013 11:41 pm

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Ok to start I first thought this game was some Predator rip off. But then I started playing and realized even if it was I didn't care. The game is pretty fun and at least a little different in the way it goes about things.

You start out in training lost your memory (of course) you get shown the ropes. After that you get to choose between arch types. Which seem like your standard; Rifle, Recon, Heavy classes with a slight twist. At least at first that's what it looks like until you start playing. Pretty much all the classes are agile the difference is the subtle looks and powers they have.

I only did one mission it has you take on what looks like a space station. You infiltrate it with a team of players or alone. Action is fast paced and no let up on enemies to kill. You have minor security puzzles to conquer as well. Some you will need other players to actually take on. All in all the missions seem like a good time. I learn to not take these games serious and enjoy the fun with in them. 

This game does a good job of giving you several different feels. While not making it cheesy or boring grind fest you never want to see again.  So my final verdict for the second time in 3 weeks shocking isn't it? Is play this game its worth wasting a little time out of your day.

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