Path of Exile Storm's Review

By: Scion Storm posted at Jan 22, 2013 7:22 am

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Path of Exile Storm’s Break Down


So I waited all the way until a day before open beta. To act like I didn’t already know this game was good. I remember this game back when it was a post idea on the Cry Engine forums. That was a long time ago and it’s rather refreshing to see an idea come this far.

Diablo Like?

Well yes it is kind of exactly like it in its core and look. The game feels smoother than Diablo 3 better voice acting which is funny to even say that. But at about you hitting the skills screen you soon see something familiar of a totally different nature.

Passive System

Pretty much if you played Final Fantasy 13 and you remember the Crystal skill system. This is almost exactly the same thing on a much larger flexible scale. You can choose your path how you see fit with multiple ways to go. So make your character the way you want and not feel that boxed in.

Character Creation

Unfortunately it appears limited to just the 6 characters base looks. You can pick up items to change your look but that’s about it for customization I can see. I’m sure cash shop things will be added to spice that up.

Is it fun?

Well are Diablo torchlight and any game like it fun to you? If so you may like this game it’s not a departure of that style. We will see how much they can add and how well the game will do.

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