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By: Scion Storm posted at Mar 07, 2014 1:19 am

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I know everyone misses Dungeon Fighter who played it. Well this game may cheer you up at least a little. It's basically like DF but on a browser. Blade Hunter is another one of those games that's about battle power. Which I know scares people. Because when you hear battle power you think pay to win. Well pretty much that does exist in this game. But as you get deeper into the game it becomes less useful. I'll explain this later in this review.

You get to pick from 4 characters. You can't change them they're all gender locked. They are 4 different classes but the end result is the same. Juggle people in the air link combos you win. Also learn to dodge enemies and don't get cornered. You have a multitude of ways to gain power. All of which are easy to understand. From enchanting gear with power to getting an side kick. (That's useless)

If you pay a little attention to the story it's ok. And the little music the game has is ok. The fun in this game is the combat. And the fact you're getting that kind of combat on a browser game. Like I said in the past I'm a combo crazy guy. So give me the tools I'll go wild. This game gives you the tools and a bazooka to go with it. So as a G.P.A.W. it's an pretty handy one.

Now the VIp and pay2win moments are not as bad as once thought. Because it will become more about being actually good at the game. If you top up enough however you can cheese the system. But you will be paying more then the average person is comfortable with. All the money in the world won't make you good at avoiding one shot mechanics. Or the missions you need to defend properly.

I like the game for what it is. A browser beat up which is rare. So it's worth a shot hey it's an free mmorpg why not?

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