ArcheAge Tips and Tricks 20-30lvls

By: Scion Storm posted at May 19, 2014 11:37 pm

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This is basically tips and tricks I went through on my way to 30. I'll sum up everything I talked about below.

1. Let your mount follow you everywhere. Get used to it because we won't be able to circle cheat live.

2. Always over achieve every quest you can. You want to be ahead of quest not behind them in the gear they give. If you end up behind it's time to trade skill more. This also helps in pvp. Because you will be higher level on average in quest zones.

3. Decide early what 3-4 classes you want to use. Leveling them all slowly is not advised. It will gimp you dps/tanking/support. Basically you won't be good in anything. So put some thought into it and work on 3-4 first.

4. No lfg exists so you the lfg channel. And do research on where dungeons are. And seek out groups in the areas.

5. When you do choose 3-4 classes to use. Learn all the combo strings Arche-Base can help you with that.

6. Don't buy any mounts or pets you get a lot of them for free.

7. Don't buy any gear thats not dirt cheap. You replace gear fast or plainly don't need it until level 30+. The training wheels come off then. And monsters start becoming real threats.

8. Make sure not to leave the chapter story behind. If your not getting the water color scenes for a long time. That usually means you left it some how. They give a lot of tears money and exp. Sometimes the quests are super easy. So no reason to leave it.

9. Don't forget Evenstones are your friend. They give exp and break down items you need for crafting. They do cost some silver over the long run. But the over all plus from them is greater.

10. Last is use gliders as a super jump. I know that sounds stupid. But they really save you time. Say for instance when you need to cross something. Why go around it when you can go over it in two seconds. You be shocked how many people you watch struggle to , get by obstacles you can easily float to.

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