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Remember when I said "Rise of the Action MMO?" Well I forgot to mention MOBA's in that as well. They're moving away from the boring LoL format. And becoming more interactive and fun. My main gripe with games like that. Was the constant mouse clicking, it seem to cheapen the fun I had.

Wild Fire allows me to be myself. A gamer who likes to combo and be strategic. In order words be a bad ass in a lane. And have gamer's skill play more of a part in a MOBA. Over resource micro management, mouse macro's that break fingers.

The characters look impressive, and the skill sets are fun. Much like how Smite is. But in this case I like the character design more. And I like how action is more called for in this game. You have a main town you get quest from. And you can trade skill items. From what I can see items consist of clothing and power ups. 

It also seems to be a social hub, just to show off mainly or look cool. I'm keeping my eye on this one. It's hard for me to play extended due to the time of day it's open. But I'll have a more in depth review soon.

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