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Update 22

Here are my thoughts on the game. I loved my first night in the game. DE did a very good job bringing a solid open world to us. Warframe is a free2play game try it out here= https://www.warframe.com/


New open world massive layout

Random Quest system that generates content

Day and Night cycle with increasing difficulty

New Glass themed Warframe excellent new skills

Plenty of new weapons and items


A massive amount of new things to do in the new area. It can overwhelm you if you let it.

A few synch bugs going on. You cannot get achievements going atm 100% of the time

May need a bit more on the side of what to do in the town.

Using Arc-Wing in the planes is a bit weird and nerfed.


Update 22.0 is the best update to date. The simple fact I can roam the Open world easy. And just plain to my hearts content while exploring. Is completely what I wanted all along in this game. This is the time to get into the game and have some fun.


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