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This is one of the most underrated games in the mobile market. You get a lot of value and worth in gameplay.


You can play this game freely all day every day. Without ever needing to spend anything

Characters are true to the anime and manga form.

A lot of events to play and do

Music is really good for an Android game


It's weird to say but maybe too much to do.

Some of the voice actings is out of synch on scenes

Getting gear is harder than getting really good characters

More team play would make things even better.


The only other game I felt you had a lot of worth in. Was Kingdom Hearts Unchained. I know this is saying a lot but this is most likely the best free2play game on Android. But don't take my word try it out and see for yourself. You have no feeling of being restricted and plenty of events to do.

Ultimate Luck

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag   Android Gaming   MMORPG  

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