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Orders&Temples Skyforge's Tradeskillsm

You pick up your Order when you hit 1500 Prestige. At that point residents of the planet. Start to worship you and you pick a follower. You can then from there send that follower on missions. They can get resources build structures. Also they can recruit other followers. The system is a form of trade skills. It requires little coin and mainly just time management.

Patron's can be assigned to an area. When they level up more they can provide buffs. As you save people in various areas. Your legend grows and you unlock more areas to put patrons in. So you can get more buff passives. Also you can do missions in those areas as well.

After your first Adept the game gives you. Randomly more come and surround your statue. They will need to be paid of course to join. They vary in level and how useful they are to you. So be careful not to buy too many weak followers.

Missions can be done with your Adepts. Of course the better the Adept the higher the rewards of the mission. A lot of games use this time system. So you should be used to it by now. If you want to level Adepts fast and get resources. Do the short missions over and over. But if you can't be bothered or around to do it. Pick missions you can come back in time for. Adept's standing around idle makes you no money.

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