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Revelations is a smexy game. Yes I know that's not a word but follow me. The cash shop was updated recently. So I took the time to check it out and show it off. To my shock and pleasure the shop isn't p2w much. A few items are a bit over the top like boosters. But I can look the other way on those.

The main thing I like is they aren't slacking on adding items. I know some of you still can't play. So let me help you out in that department. I'm going to list a bunch of ways to get in. Although some of it is beyond the due date. I've been told keys still exist out there to be taken. So don't give up if all else fails. I can tell you the 100% way to do it. But that will take time.

You can use this link to learn how to make an account.

Now once you have an account. And grown accustom to the site. You can earn log in points. After awhile you will force your way into a key. Because you built up enough points. Another way to do it and I'm sorry to say this late. Is join the game when new servers open up. It's pretty much a every man for them selves at that point. So on those occasions just be ready to spam for a key.

This link you can keep saved.

Whenever events happens for keys it will appear here. I'm told keys still exist now. 100% get a key is in the co-payment section. You basically top up for the key. The third section is a bit harder. You need to jump through some hoops, for various sites to get a key. As long as you hang around the second link you'll get in.

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