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The game is super fun. And has some story production value. The characters are pretty cool as well. It reminds me closely to Metal Gear Solid and Destiny. Maybe a little too unforgiving early game. If you have a bit of patience the game will reward you.


Nice graphics and character designs

Tight action and gameplay

Very cinematic and set's the tone right

Looks and acts like a triple A title


Wait times are a bit high right now

No real single-player mode beyond the tutorial

Limited content to play if you don't buy a character or content pack

Enemy AI is super aggressive early game.


This game came out of nowhere and has a lot of potential. We may have an issue with limited content early. That may turn people off and needs to be addressed. Beyond that, this game was a treat and should be looked at


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Raiders of the Broken Planet   Gaming   Indie Game  

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