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Important NEWS!

I left Fullscreen You Tube Network. Being that I can't leave yet on my main channel. I made the hard decision of abandoning the old channel. You can find the new Channel HERE. Please support this channel as you would the other channel. You can feel free to unsub from it as well. No more videos will be on that channel or network. When my contract is up there I will bring over the videos to the new channel. Thanks for the consideration.

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Play Phantasy Star Online 2 Sea

Well I knew they would block the west. Which makes absolutely no sense. At any rate it's already been found how to by pass that.

By AIDA on the PSO2 forums. Which is the source of this guide

I tried it the method works but for how long. Personally I can already play in full english on the Japanese servers. Without doing any of this. So why they felt the uncalled need to do this is beyond me. However, many english players want to play on this one. So if you want some team fun it might be the one for you

Before people start complaining:

Originally Posted by PSO-World forum rules
Illegal Activities
Posts that discuss illegal activities, transactions, or link to websites containing warez, cracks, ROMs are not allowed. Do not post copyrighted materials - examples: videos, MP3s - that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute.

Cheat Codes and Methods
Cheating is defined as exploting in-game glitches or outside sources - example: Action Replay - to disingenuously improve your in-game standing or inflict harm on the community. Posting or asking for cheat codes is not allowed. Do not link to sites that contain exploit methods or cheat codes.

Private Servers
Do not post links to, name, or provide instructions for accessing websites that promote/host unofficial game servers. This policy applies to all games.
Bypassing a country-wide IP ban doesn't violate any of these rules.


This tutorial won't be as detailed/good as my other stuff (yet), because my desktop computer died, and all I have to use for a bit is my dinky laptop. ._.

Step 1: Installation

Download and install the SoftEther VPN Software using this link:


During setup, select "SoftEther VPN Client".

Step 2: Setting up the VPN Adapter

Hit OK and wait a few minutes. The program may appear to lock up, just wait it out. After you're done, you'll have an adapter listed at the bottom, like so:

Step 3: Setting up the VPN itself

Double click "VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers" and hit OK at the next screen.

Click on "Line Speed" and try servers starting from the top down - This will ensure you get the least amount of lag possible. Click "Do not show this message again", then hit "Agree". Select "Use TCP Protocol" (if asked) and hit "OK".

It will now attempt to connect to the VPN. If you fail to connect, hit cancel and select a different VPN server. Once it says "Connected", you should be set!

Step 4: Testing and playing

Open Google.com in any browser - It should be in the language of the VPN server (For example, mine was Taiwanese Google).

If that works, open PSO2 and attempt to connect. If you can connect, celebrate, give asiasoft the middle finger, and post here so that we can confirm it works.

Good luck!

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