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I loved Digimon back in the day. So now it's time to step my Digi game up and have some fun. This is a very old game so don't expect crazy graphics or game play. I'm just picking up a old account and letting things ride.


Very true to the lore of the show. A vast majority of the Digimon are present in this game

Digimon can grow very large compared to your base character. Looks rather cool to run around with them

Some world events in the game are basically show story lines. Some events even come directly from the Digimon movies.

The game gives away items like they don't even want to make money. Rare in this day in age


Very grindy and the quest are super boring

Ai is super cheesey at times. Basically making things harder is everything in the area just aggro's you

Character customization is just plain bad

Music is very obnoxious most of the time.


This game is basically for the fans of the show. You can 100% play this game for free and never pay anything. It will just take you some time to train. Or even catch the Digimon you want. Of course you can pay for shortcuts to save you time.


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