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Here is my first Ninja Tool. And a little bit about the stats that come with it. The rates seem a bit all over the place. No real pattern beyond Japan seems to be higher for Ultimates than Global. I don't think it even matters to 10 summon on event banners. Unless it actually tells you it has a benefit. Like the special 300 banner we had. This is a for fun video. I'm just amusing myself while grinding. So it doesn't get toboring. I swap out characters to change things up and see if I can still win. So this time around since I have three Uchiha now I tried it out. Sakura does count as an Uchiha but I don't have her heal. So she be a useless 4th ironic huh? lol

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage   Boratage   Summons   Gameplay  

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